10 Tip$ for $aving Ga$

1) Keep your tires properly inflated. This is important enough that you might want to keep a tire gauge in the glovebox.

2) Plan your trips. If you link trips together, you can start and stop on a warm engine, which burns less gas.

3) Warm up while driving. Although it may take a while for the car to warm up to a comfortable level for YOU, it only takes 30 seconds for your engine to be ready to drive.

4) Don’t idle for more than 10 seconds (unless it's safer to keep your car on.)

5) Drive steady and smooth. Gunning your engine guzzles your gas. Accelerate smoothly and coast to a stop.

6) Low RPMs. Drive in as high a gear as you can without lugging the engine. Try to stay under 3000 RPMs. (Observe the difference between 55mph and 65mph!)

7) Reduce drag. Roll up windows at freeway speeds. Repair anything held on with duct tape. :)

8) Empty out your trunk. Dragging extra weight around is harder work for your engine.

9) Carpool. If you trade driving with someone every other day, you’ll use half as much gas.

10) Walk or ride a bike whenever you can. Use public transportation. The best way to reduce emissions is to not drive your car!

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