Vitamin Pills for your Car?

As if going from 190 miles per tank to 220 per tank wasn't enough of a thrill, I am now getting 250-260 miles per tank easily thanks to these little capsules someone gave me. They cost about $2 per tablet - I used half a tablet - so the $1 per tank investment saves me at least $3 (1 gallon). Apparently they burn fuel cleaner and reduce emmissions on the gas you do burn, as well. Here's the website:
http://myoptions.my It's an MLM business like Avon, so you can't buy them in stores, unfortunately.

I mentioned this sentiment to the guys at Kragen, however, and they sold me a liquid fuel additive for about $10 that's supposed to clean your engine and save gas. I got about 230-240 miles per tank, so the additive paid for itself. Some people use straight acetone, which also makes fuel burn cleaner, but my husband and I shared concerns about its effect on rubber and plastic parts of our 15-year-old car's fuel system.

By the way, my mom didn't get any improvement using the tablets. She drives a much newer car than me, with a much more well-tuned fuel injection system. Still, it was worth it for her to test it.


Anonymous said...

Buyer beware of snake oil salesmen. Magic pills don't exist.The only magic they create is for the seller as he makes your moneyaimdmct vanish.

mrs. id said...

Hey anonymous,

Have you tried them? It costs about $2 per pill and I save about $6 per tank. Truck drivers are saving thousands on them. I also hear that, since they burn cleaner, emissions are lowered, and isn't that what we need?

I'm not selling them, by the way. Just an impartial (and satisfied) customer. I do wish they sold them at Kragen, Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods, though... MLM businesses give me the creeps even though Avon and Shaklee are as American as apple pie.

Anonymous said...

That link doesn't work, but this does:

(not https)

Anonymous said...

Try acetone, it's cheap!

rbhawaii said...

Try Mothballs.
I've heard they work too.
I haven't tried them.
Frankly, I'm skeptical

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