The 10-Second Rule

There are a lot of 10-second rules out there, many of them pertaining to dropped food or pornography, but the one that everyone should know, based on real research and not urban legend, and capable of changing the world, is the 10-second rule of idling.

The fact is: It takes ten seconds' worth of gas to start the average car. Therefore:

The 10-second rule:
If you will be idling for more than ten seconds, you should turn off your car.

Imagine how we could combat climate change if corporations, cities, and other organizations stood by this rule....
  • We would not have to wait until everyone owned a new hybrid or electric car to start lowering emissions on a large scale.
  • Air quality would improve at airports, schools, and in all congested areas.
  • Rates of athsma would diminish.
  • Drivers would experience a gas savings of 10-50%, depending on their routes and driving habits.
  • Less carbon would be added to the atmosphere on a daily if not hourly basis.
  • This could be one step towards moving back down to 350ppm.
Write to your civic leaders today. It's a good idea.

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